End of a Decade

As 2019 draws to a close it’s time to reflect back on not just this year but also the last 9 as we are about to enter a new decade. The past 10 years have been incredibly varied. During that time, We have graduated university and then managed to get a graduate job at Racelogic which managed to catapult us into Prodrive.

University was a struggle but then struggles always lead to the most satisfying outcomes. The biggest lesson learnt at university was that Engineering was the perfect area for my permanent curiosity of how things worked and how to improve things. It also taught me the information required to try and make a career in Motorsport.

Working at Racelogic was fantastic it really taught me lots about dealing with customers and making sure that you listened to their requirements. Great founding principles for any business making sure that you understand your customer.

Moving from Racelogic to Prodrive was the dream jump I had been wanting to make since I realised I could make a living working in Motorsport. Prodrive taught me even more about flexibility and the ability to work on tight deadlines and turnarounds.

It also allowed me to build and improve my team skills and really learn how to make the most effective team and how communication is key in any work environment but never more so than in a highly pressured situation as a race weekend or a race itself.

To round out the decade I have ended up working at Aston Martin on what has to be the most complex and exciting project of my as yet short career. It has led to many long hours but also very rewarding days when things have worked out and we have been able to demonstrate the project in it’s current capabilities.

2010 – 2020 has certainly been a busy and rewarding decade. I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings.